Can't publish to ControlTower v1.2.0-beta

Dear Workfusion-Team,

I have the ControlTower running but clicking “Publish to ControlTower” doesn’t lead to any action. Even right clicking on the .rpae in the project explorer and selecting “Publish to ControlTower” doesn’t work. Is this a known issue or what else can I try?
Of course I restarted both RPAExpress and my computer.

Thank you and cheers,

@khenrichs Try publishing to Control Tower as a new business process. Does it work?

@ashapkina Thanks for your fast reply!
No I tried everything, only updating to v1.4.0 worked. But now other problems occured… Like image recognition isnt working anymore. Have you already heard about this error?

@khenrichs I think I have not. Could you provide more details, like which actions fail, what errors you get. Would be great if you could share your script or post a screenshot.

@khenrichs Hi Kevin, do you have any update on this issue? Is it working now or do you still have problems with it?