Can't record Excel task in Workfusion express?


Hi Guys,

I downloaded the Workfusion Express a few days ago with a mindset to automate a task in-hand. Documentation shows a few video tutorial showing how to record a task of excel and automate it, but when i actually try to record anything related to Excel I am not able to see anything recorded in the script.

So will i have to build the excel script manually or is it likely an installation issue? And if i want to record it and not create the script manually would i need to buy some paid version?



Hi @keval_kapadia ,
You should be able to see some steps captured in the script once you stop recording, but to use in built excel actions- you have to add those actions in the script manually.

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Hi @keval_kapadia !

You can check out a more detailed guide on how to automate Excel actions with RPA here:

As you can see in the instructions, all Excel actions can only be used if your spreadsheet is opened by the Open spreadsheet action. If you open the spreadsheet with the Launch Application or Enter Keystroke actions and add the Excel Actions to the recording, these actions will be skipped during playback or execution in Control Tower.
That may be the cause of your issue.

With that in mind, you can follow our tutorial videos at and create a recording in Excel.

And no, there is no paid version of RPA Express. It’s completely free!