Can't run any process from Control Tower

Hi, I’m trying to run any process from my control tower, I get the below error. However, I can run the same process from the studio by “Play Recording” and it works fine

Step name ‘scrap 5’ has failed. Reason: '[urn:uuid:AE6E2235E8139B4D79156780604097863] robotics-flow executePlugin exception: [nodeId=null] org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: Error forwarding the new session Empty pool of VM for setup Capabilities [{,{ 5 Process, task.uuid=59bd8b6c-d8e5-469b-ab62-0242a15da444, 5, context.path=/workfusion,,, run.uuid=59bd8b6c-d8e5-469b-ab62-0242a15da444, Saber}, CLOSE_ALL_WINDOWS=false, browserName=universal, maximize.on.startup=true, javascriptEnabled=true, extra.capabilities.context={“browserType”:“universal”,“startInPrivate”:false,“blockImages”:false,“maximizeOnStartup”:true,“customCapabilities”:{“”:false,“SEARCH_ALL_WINDOWS”:true,“CLOSE_ALL_WINDOWS”:false},“executorId”:{“”:“http://localhost:15280”,“context.path”:"/workfusion",“task.uuid”:"59bd8b6…

This is the entire error log
events_root_59bd8b6c-d8e5-469b-ab62-0242a15da444_2019-09-06 21_40_43.xlsx (6.0 KB)

Also worth mentioning that when I try the same bot and publish it to the control tower on my laptop, it works fine too. I get this error when I publish it to the server control tower (windows server)

Hi @saberas2 according to the log, you get this error on the localhost Control Tower, not the server Control Tower: http://localhost:15280

How do you publish the bot task there? Through the server profile that has credentials and URLs of the server Control Tower?

I have the profile actually and that’s what I Choose when I publish. I’m attaching a snapshot from it’s config

Thank you @saberas2 looks like there are some problems with the nodes. Could you share RPA logs from the server machine? They are located in the folder C:\RPA Express\RPA\logs .

Thank you

@ashapkina Sure. Attached rpa-hub-2019-09-09.0.log (6 KB) rpa-node0-2019-09-09.0.log (6.4 KB) server-hub-2019-09-09.0.log (120.5 KB)

Thank you.

Also, what version of RPA Express do you have installed on the server and how many many bots do you have installed? There is a log for only the local bot (node0), but there should be more logs. Could you check please?

@ashapkina Hey - I have 2.3.1 installed on the server. I checked the log files, I can’t find anything else

Also worth mentioning that when I enable the server (it turns green but showing bots:0) and also once I enable the server, I get the attached error message from the windows (I feel it be the reason why but not sure how to fix it though)Capture

I actually fixed it. it took me so many hours but I discovered that the control tower creates an account with every bot. I had to add those accounts to the remote desktop exception users


Glad you made it work @saberas2
And thanks a lot for sharing the solution!