Can't run any recording: Java SE stops and 0 bots running after that


Hello, I’m new to WF and try to complete the first assignments in the course.
But when I try to run the recording from the WF Studio, I get an error informing that Java SE stopped. After that, I see in the tray menu that instead of 1 bot running, there are 0 bots running.
I installed latest Java but this doesn’t help.
Windows 10, 64-bit, 16GB.


Hi @ymodzolevska,
Which course and assignment are you taking?


Not sure if this really matters because I can’t run any recording and get the Java error.
But this is ’ Introduction to RPA Express’ , Assignment 3: Make your first recordingPage



Hi. Do you have any mouse clicks on desktop icons in your recording? Could you share a screenshot?


Hi Igor,

Thank you for reaching out to me!

Looks like the problem was in Java installed on my machine.

After installing the Java for developers, problem disappeared.

Tank you,


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Java(tm) platform se binary has stopped working while playing a recording

@ymodzolevska No problem:)
Thanks for sharing the solution