Can't Start inspector

Upon starting Inspector a warning message is coming saying “JVM UI Agent is required for Workfusion Inspector, but no relevant agent was found.”

Hi @das.pranita.

Have you looked through the KB for the solution. There is a similar issue which has been raised. Please see below:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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@das.pranita did you solve this issue? I’m using JDK but still receiving this message.

Hi @adam_bronowicki please make sure you have correct settings for Inspector in the Studio

@ashapkina I have it already set.

@adam_bronowicki could you please advise which version of RPA Express you are using and share the screenshot with the error message?

Thank you

RPA Express
I use standalone WF Studio 2.1-beta

@adam_bronowicki it looks like path to your JDK installation and/or RPA JVM Agent jar file are incorrect. Please make sure they are described as described here.

Similar issue. Following are the details

WorkFusion Lumen version is as follows,


workfusion-studio.ini is as follows:


config.ini is as follows:


please help

@gajendratomar do you use WorkFusion Studio with SPA or RPA Express?

RPA Express, @ashapkina

Then you need to change the path in the second file to

Thank you for the response @ashapkina, but I already tried that combination already before coming here :slight_smile:

but to be doubly sure, retried your suggestion as depicted below but same fate:
Corrected Screenshot

Note that following is the LOCAL_PATH of “rpa-jvmagent.jar” ,


It looks like you don’t have RPA Express installed, but just WorkFusion Studio, so you don’t have RPA Express folder.

Also, you need to use forward slashes, not backslashes.

both is mentioned in the splash screen, here is the screenshot:


tried forward slash as follows but “Inspector” not starting: