Can't start RPA inspector. JDK is required

Hi team,
I work in WF studio and for some reason can’t launch inspector.
WF studio version:
When I try launch inspector, I am getting the following error:
“Java Development Kit (JDK) is required to launch WF inspector. Please check that Studio is running on JDK rather than JRE”.
Error is rather strange, because I have no issue to run bot steps and RPA steps in WF studio. Could you tell me how to fix it? I didn’t find solution on KB and here. The closet topic to the issue is Can't Start inspector but it is about different configuration issue.

I also installed 9.3 WF studio, at first inspector launched successfully, but after some time 9.3 version also showed me the same error. So I would like to know how to deal with this issue.
Thank you in advance.

Hi Workfusion team. Any advice? Issue is still actual.

Hi team.
Actually reason of this issue is simple. Path to jdk was missed in workfusion-studio.ini.
To solve this issue I added
C: /Program Files /Java/jdk1 .8.0_151 /bin/javaw .exe
According to this KB page