Can't unzip installer download



Downloaded successfully (2,748,239,429 bytes). Double-click launches WinZip. Progress bar indicates unzip process completes (or at least nearly), then the following alert appears:
“WinZip encountered problems during this operation. Would you like to view…”. Clicking the “Yes” button opens a “View Last Output” window, with a single line in a scrolling region: “Warning: the Zip file is read-only. A file name in the archive is invalid and had to be fixed: “/”.” Clicking the OK button brings up an alert: “The following invalid filename was encountered in the archive: “ocr.license.file:ocr-rpax.license”. This file will not appear in the main WinZip window,…”. Clicking OK dismisses the alert, and there is no open window left for WinZip. Task manager shows WinZip running but consuming 0 CPU time.


@Jeff_Fischer - thry the 7z archiver or standard Windows archiver.


Thanks. I used the built-in (Win 7) archive capability. I did get one error on the license file (“Parameter Error”), but I skipped it and the installation completed successfully.