Can't use Firefox to open a website


I have a problem with opening a website using Firefox in VM. When I run in studio get error message “WebDriverException: NewSession” what should I do to solve this problem?

Thanks before.


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Hi @dika193 can you share your recording and full error text?

I attached screenshot file open website using firefox, and message error.

Thank you.

Thank you @dika193

Try updating Firefox drivers:

  1. Download the latest drivers(both x32 and x64) from
  2. Replace old drivers in the following directories:
  • → in RPA\rpa-grid\drivers\windows\x32
  • → in RPA\rpa-grid\drivers\windows\x64

Do you have a 3,000 ms timeout in the action?
We recommend to use at least, 10,000 ms (default one set in the Preferences) or a bigger timeout.

Thank you for the solution.
Now I can use Firefox for open website.


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