Capture new image shows only part of screen

I am trying to do a Click Mouse action to click on an image. When I click on Capture new image I can see the browser but only a magnified portion of the browser.

This is the browser:

and this is what I see when I try to capture the image:
First this:

And then this:

I am using a Surface Pro 4 which has a high resolution monitor and sometimes has problems with display resolution. In fact I use the solution here: to get RPA Express to display properly.

Any clues?

Hi Todd, RPA Express doesn’t support 4K resolution screens, so there is little we can do to help here :slightly_frowning_face:
Does the resolution change once the countdown stops?

During the countdown the resolution is correct. After the countdown stops and you are supposed to select the part of the screen for the image is when it changes.

Two things to note:

  1. When I am able to select an image from the part of the screen shown it still works correctly in RPA.
  2. I am using RPA on a 4K monitor and everything else seems to work. I do this by following the steps referenced in the bottom of my original post.