Case result is different from the example

Hi - I seem to be running the “Check Criminal Record” exercise successfully but I notice that my results are different than how the result should look like. It seems that when I run this exercise, none of the criminal records are found on the website and so all the records would direct the workflow to go to manual task.

I have installed the latest Firefox so that shouldnt be the problem and I can see that the bot can access the site but for some reasons is not able to pick up the records and store them… any thoughts?

Hi @negar_dastjerdi thanks for letting know. It looks like the website has changed so the bot cannot save the data now. We’ll have a look and fix if required.

@negar_dastjerdi we will update the business process for the next release of RPA Express.

“Check criminal records” process has been updated in RPA Express 2.1.3.