Certain keystrokes are not taken by Workfusion under the 'Enter keystrokes' command



‘SPACE’, ‘ALT’ keystrokes are not taken by ‘Enter keystrokes’ command as stand alone keystrokes. They can only be used in combinations. ‘SPACE’ is not even going in combination of keystrokes.


Let us know what is the business case for that?

Combination Ctrl+Space is caught by the Recorder.



Why your answer has been marked as solution?



Please share a bit details around the use-case where you need to use SPACE or ALT keys.
This way we can advise you better.


SHIFT+SPACE helps to highlight the current row - this combination cannot be captured in recorder


Thank you very much for your information. We’ve put the item in the development list


Ctl + - also cannot be recored. shortcut to delete cell


how to access the list? it requires JIRA account



We will update the thread once the ticket is updated. Please also fee free to vote on the thread to help with prioritizing.


Ctl + / cannot be record for keystrokes

this was used as a shortcut to go to “command line” in sap. i cannot record this keystroke combination using RPAx


Apologize if this was covered somewhere else, but also curious if combinations like the Windows key and R (for start-run) would ever be possible? I realize this may require a pop-up keyboard or preprogrammed method.

– Update: Oops this one was all me as I was using RDC to remote into a VM and not thinking. Once I made a straight full screen connection, it recognized the WIn+R with no problem. Thanks!


Win+R can be recorded.
Win - not, you can manually click on “Start” icon


Win+R is already implemented. The samples provided with RPA Express show how to use it.
The samples you can find in the Recorder: Help menu -> Welcome -> Try our templates


I am trying to run that recording with 1.1.5 version and it gives an error: Execution failed on step 1 Reason: Error executing KeyboardAction. Do you know how to fix that?


Maybe i do
Please, show screenshots and error text (click on details)


Thanks for looking into it. I tried it again and it worked this time. I will post screenshots and details if that error occurs again.