Challenges facing while running Workfusion

  1. I captured an icon on my desktop and used in my workflow, it recognised for few iterations and after that it stopped recognising and thrown error. When I retake the image then it worked but why do I have to retake the same image repeatedly. Why can’t it be a one time job?
    2.Unexpected Errors - When I am running Workfusion RPA recorder for a long time (more than 4 hours) without monitoring, I am facing a challenge and getting errors in the flow where it ran well initially.

Can anyone please help me with these issues?



you do not need to re-capture screenshots. But clicking on desktop icons can be tricky and unstable because of the following reasons:

  • the icon can be set in focus (blue background)
  • the surrounding icons can be modified/deleted
  • desktop background can be changed
  • currently active Window (e.g. browser) can prevent robot from clicking on the desktop

Therefore we advise to use Launch application action -

or use Windows Run - Win +R