Change of variable in process, not sure how to change in the workflow

I have made a change to a process where variables have been change. I re-published to control tower but I can’t seem to figure out how to change the variable in the configuration. A couple of the noted variables have changed names slightly. Not sure what the proper way to do this is.


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Hi @Craigw! There is no need to change the variables manually.
Once you have changed them in the Studio and published the changed recording to Control Tower, the variable names are updated automatically.

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@ashapkina - Thanks. I’ll double check, but I had re-published so not sure why they didn’t seem to update. That’s what I was expecting to happen. Is there a way to verify what the Control Tower knows vs what you expect? Like some kind of versioning?

There is no versioning functionality in Control Tower, but you can publish the recording as a new business process. In this case, the old business process will be kept unchanged, and the recording will be connected to the updated business process in Control Tower.

@ashapkina - for the one I was having the issue with I went ahead and published as a new process. But in my work, I did make a change to another process requiring variable changes and did see that it did update in Control Tower as expected so I’m not sure what was going on with my issue. But I’m moving forward which is what I needed. Thanks for the help once again!

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