Change URL navigated by Open Website Action

I created a WorkFusion RPA project that has Open Website action. This will open up a browser and navigate according to the value set to the variable ${web_url}.


Afterward, it will input the username and password and do the necessary thing to get the authentication done. If the user is authenticated (is_login = true), I want to navigate to another URL, say ${web_url_report}. Under ${web_url_report}, I want to do some other actions as well.

How do I achieve it?

Hi @rcs welcome to the Community!

You just need to have another Open Website action after the actions that you use to login.

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Thanks for your answer. For another OpenWebsite, it seems that I cannot put it under my IF-THEN-ELSE condition. It needs to be in the root. What if my is_login turns out to be false? If it is in the root, it will also get executed.

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The If-Else action in your script is nested inside the 1st Open Website actions, and you cannot have Open Website under another Open Website.

You need to remove the If-Else action from the Open Website action and put it on the same level as shown below.