Changing logs files location



Can we change the logs files location to another folder/drive?
E.g. c:\RPAExpress\RPA\wfagent\logs-rpax\status-agent-error.log to D:\RPA\logs
In my working environment, we need to install the application in C drive and we need to separate the logs to D drive as normal user don’t have write access in C drive.


@tcchoofBZypIJv Adrian, you can change the location of RPA logs.
In folder C:\RPAExpress\RPA\rpa-grid, there are logback files for hub and node0. The files define the path to the folder where the logs are stored: .
You need to write the path to a the new folder in <property value="…/logs".

Note that you will need to change the path every time you update RPA Express to a new version.