Changing master password for secret vault

Is there a way to change the default master password (PASS) to the secret vault?

Hi @srivatsan

No, you cannot change it.
We are planning to remove the master password in version 9.2 - users will not be able to view data stored in the Secrets vault so it will be kept secure.

Thanks. Follow up questions

  1. Which version of RPA Express does ver 9.2 correspond to? (RPA 2.x?)
  2. From 9.2, how is the access to secret vault controlled if we are getting rid of the master password? Is it going to role based access?
  3. When is 9.2 tentatively scheduled for?

@ashapkina - Can you respond when you get a chance please?

Hi Sri

sure, sorry for delay.

9.2 release is scheduled for the middle of December. The corresponding RPA Express version will be 2.2.x.
Users will have different access to Secrets Vault based on their role.

You can read more in the documentation:

It is not the final version and can change before the release.

Thanks for the quick response.
Per, it does not look like we can create customized roles in RPA Express.

Is that changing? If not, which role (out of Admin, Developer, Operator) get’s access to create entries in the secret vault?

@srivatsan Admin will have permission to manage the records (create, edit, delete) and view the list of records and their aliases.
Developer and Operator can view the list of records and their aliases. Key and Value stored in the record will not be visible to anyone.

Thanks for the clarification. @svarela1a @Brandon_Sax3 @vpalivela - Please review the response and let me know if you have any questions.

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@ashapkina - One more clarification - Does that mean no one including the admins will have the ability to view and edit value of the key?

Admins can edit it, but cannot view.

Thanks. So they can replace with a new value without looking at the original value. Is that correct?

Yes, the same way Secrets Vault is implemented in Studio now.

@svarela1a - please let us know if this answers your question.


I have super admin access to our dev workfusion, how can I change the password that is set for secure storage updates ?

Do you mean the master password in the Control Tower secure storage (secrets vault)?

yeah, I would like to know that for my Development instance.

@spatel you cannot change it now, but we are removing the password in the next release - only the administrator will be able to update the records in the Secrets Vault, and all no one will be able see the values stored there (the same way it is implemented in Studio now).

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