Chatbots trial version

How can I have a trial / demo of chatbots before buying it?

PS. There is no category for chatbots, I was asked by a chat agent on your sight to come to the forum for answers.

HI Hassan,

We don’t sell chatbots as a separate product, but we sell them as a part of the SPA package.
If you would be interested in that, I could connect you to our sales representative who will provide all necessary information about demo and pricing.

Sure. Please direct me to a sales representative. Thanks

I sent your contacts to our sales representative. Someone will contact you.

no contact till now from Work Fusion. If I do not get a price quote how will I be able to quote the solution to my clients ?

@hassanjamshaid I will ask them to send it quicker.

I just confirmed with our sales team - they are working on your request. Sorry if takes a bit long.

@ashapkina: I have 8 hours until the submission of my proposal. I suppose I should remove workfusion from my possible solutions and refer to other RPA products only. I feel sad on the response time as I started my RPA journey with WF and I wanted to use it in future projects as well.

PS. If it helps in expediting the process. I am working in a partner firm with WF, Name can be shared in Private message


Hi @hassanjamshaid, I think our sales team contacted you on Tuesday. Did you not receive the email?
Sure, let’s move it to private messages.