Chome Error With 1.3.0


When I try to launch any website with chrome as browser I receive the following error:

failed to load extension, extension loading disabled by administrator

Please advise

Please post the screenshot of the error or error log here.
Thank you.

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The reason might be that you have custom policy settings for Chrome. You can see the policies here: chrome://policy/

In this case you need to delete policy. Please delete:

Let me know if this doesn’t help.


I cannot change any of those mentioned…is there no way to bring back the firefox mobile option…

No, we cannot use the portable browsers. Besides, they are much less stable in web actions than the standard browsers.
Do you have the same issues with the Firefox browser as you have with Chrome?

no only with chrome, IE works and firefox but I do not have firefox installed on the PC and I don’t have the access to install firefox at the moment…