Chrome is being controlled by automated test software



As part of Assignment 10 I am opening Google using the Open Website function.
However, I keep getting a popup in the “Data- Not Secure: Chrome is being controlled by automated test software”

Have found solutions to insert into code but nothing to configure via Chrome.
Please assist.




Hi Gerald,

I am facing the same issue could you please suggest how you did it through code ?



Hi @gerald_hammond @suryansh_sdLbS do you just want to remove the notification from Chrome?


No @ashapkina we are trying to use open website action library item to open website in chrome but chrome is restricting it hence not letting bots to open website saying “Data- Not Secure: Chrome is being controlled by automated test software”.


Thanks for clarification.
Could you share a screenshot of how the notification looks?

Usually, Chrome shows the notification, but doesn’t block any actions.


Thanks for looking into this issues @ashapkina but it seems its working now if i wait for few seconds.


Great :+1: If there any issues with it in the future let me know!


@gerald_hammond could you check it? does it work if you wait for a couple seconds?


sure @ashapkina thanks again :smile:


Hi,@ashapkina, adding a few more seconds of wait-time did resolve the issue. Thanks…


I seem to be running into the same error- even with the extra wait time. @ashapkina- I have added the screenshot as well.
Much thanks for any help or advice!


Do you have this issue only in Chrome, or in other browsers, as well?


correct- it’s across, unfortunately.


Could you provide the url or is it an internal page?
What timeout do you have for the Open website action?


Hi, it was an internal page. I realized it was because we were running an old version of Chrome and other browsers. Upgrading Chrome got it working again :slight_smile:
Thanks a ton for your help and quick replies!


Glad it got solved :slightly_smiling_face: