Chrome is being controlled by automated test software

As part of Assignment 10 I am opening Google using the Open Website function.
However, I keep getting a popup in the “Data- Not Secure: Chrome is being controlled by automated test software”

Have found solutions to insert into code but nothing to configure via Chrome.
Please assist.



Hi Gerald,

I am facing the same issue could you please suggest how you did it through code ?


Hi @gerald_hammond @suryansh_sdLbS do you just want to remove the notification from Chrome?

No @ashapkina we are trying to use open website action library item to open website in chrome but chrome is restricting it hence not letting bots to open website saying “Data- Not Secure: Chrome is being controlled by automated test software”.

Thanks for clarification.
Could you share a screenshot of how the notification looks?

Usually, Chrome shows the notification, but doesn’t block any actions.

Thanks for looking into this issues @ashapkina but it seems its working now if i wait for few seconds.

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Great :+1: If there any issues with it in the future let me know!

@gerald_hammond could you check it? does it work if you wait for a couple seconds?

sure @ashapkina thanks again :smile:

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Hi,@ashapkina, adding a few more seconds of wait-time did resolve the issue. Thanks…

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I seem to be running into the same error- even with the extra wait time. @ashapkina- I have added the screenshot as well.
Much thanks for any help or advice!

Do you have this issue only in Chrome, or in other browsers, as well?

correct- it’s across, unfortunately.

Could you provide the url or is it an internal page?
What timeout do you have for the Open website action?

Hi, it was an internal page. I realized it was because we were running an old version of Chrome and other browsers. Upgrading Chrome got it working again :slight_smile:
Thanks a ton for your help and quick replies!

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Glad it got solved :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have read the guidance from above but i still have this issue.

When i open chrome as a user it’s logged in and i am able to see even my addins(on the right side)

When I open chrome with the robot it doesn’t look the same:

Can anyone help?
Thank you.

When you use web actions, the bot doesn’t use your profile, it creates a new browser instance, so it doesn’t have the add-ons you have installed.


Thank you for your answer.

Is there an way to use my profile?

Thank you,

Only if you open Chrome with other actions, such as Muse clicks or Launch Application. But you cannot use web actions in this case.