Chrome portable browser issue



i am not able to open URL by using chrome portable browser, i am getting below error.

i am able to achieve by using internet explorer, but problem in chrome and Firefox.

please find below snippets for your reference.




please click the Details button and post the error logs here.

BTW, which RPAx version are you using.

Also tell us which version do your Portable FF and Chromium have?


currently i am using 8.4.0 version of RPA expresss.

please find below error in details


please, go to the Help menu and click About RPA Express Recorder there.


You can try to restart the Bot Manager in the tray menu


If you want to use the Chrome Portable, download it using this link -

and copy it to the C:\RPAExpress\Applications folder


thanks a lot working fine after downloading and pasted new version of Chrome portable browser.

i thought i am using old version of chrome portable browser.

could you please send me a link to download for Firefox browser if possible.



The firefox should work if its version is 46.0.1


Not able to download Chrome portable from the given shared link Getting “Failed-Forbidden” error.