Chrome Portable closed abruptly between script

Chrome portable open a login page and as soon i enter credentials and press login button, chrome
get abruptly closed and because of that next step can not able to perform.


Chromium Portable doesn’t always work well in recordings, it is a known issue.
We recommend using Firefox. At the moment, it is the most stable out of the three delivered browsers.
Please let us know if this issue persists in Firefox.

thank you for clearing my doubt

Okay so Internet Explorer is not a good option?

Because even Mozilla is not a good option as it required credentials every time the browser opens


Hi Karan, what do you mean by requires credentials? Could you please post a screenshot?

Thank you

this is the blocking point for me


Hi Karan,

Why not you entered username and password by bot?


Yes Ajay ,I am using error handling for that but it is showing the error.Can you please help.


Hi Karan

I didn’t get notified about this message, so sorry for the delay.

If still have problem, then please share you script so that I can troubleshot.