Chromium Portable did not close properly

I get this warning every time I launch Chromium Portable.

According to the site this is a common issue ( solved by Platform’s “Close Apps on Platform Exit” feature.

Because of this I cannot use Chromium as this occurs every time I start Chromium. Any ideas how I might fix this?

Hi @bobpeers
Happens to me as well. Always the first time I open it. Then I close this message and start chromium portable again and it comes up.

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This is a known issue, we recommend to use Firefox or IE instead.

We’ll let you know when this issue is fixed.


We solve this problem, replacing Chromium version in our machine with the one available here:

Version 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Thanks for your insight! We will consider this variant

is this problem resolved? because I have downloaded the new version of chromium portal and while executing the open website action it is open the old version which was downloaded with RPA Express.