Citrix Automation using RPA Express




I have login to a VDI through citrix , open a application through browser and web scrap data from that application. These things need to be done only through RPA recorder.

I am able to login to VDI and open a browser by clicking chrome icon in the taskbar. My question is

  1. Is it possible scrap the data opened inside the browser application? The data will be generated dynamically.
  2. Is it possible to open a browser inside the VDI using “Open Website” present in action flow of RPA recorder?


Hi @vignesh.sundararajan , where do you have RPA Express installed, on your local computer or on a VDI?


RPA Express is installed on local computer only. Using RPA recorder I am openinng VDI through citrix.Inside that VDI I will open an application and have to scrap data.


@vignesh.sundararajan If you access your remote desktop via Citrix, you can only use surface-based automation there, like images, keystrokes, and OCR.
You cannot use Open website, Excel and other similar actions.
You can use them if you have RPA Express installed on the VDI.