Citrix Automation

Hi Team,

We have to automate applications which can only be accessed via Citrix Receiver. We have already referred . The applications which we have to automate are Web/Mainframe/Desktop in nature. Please help us understand the below queries regarding Citrix automation:

  1. Can we read dynamic web table?
  2. Write/Read operations(Web Scraping).
  3. Automation of Mainframe application inside Citrix?
  4. Scrolling in Citrix.


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Hi @kiran.talreja

Citrix automation capabilities differ depending on where the RPA is installed.

If it is possible to install it on the remote machine where the automated application is installed, that you can use the following capabilities:
1 and 2. In this case, you can use web automation, including web actions in the Recorder.
3. For mainframe applications, you can use key combinations and image-based automation.
4. Scrolling is possible by images and by window control.

If it is impossible to install RPA on the remote machine and you need to connect to it in the script, the automation capabilities are limited - in this case, you can use key combinations and image-based automation only, including OCR. You cannot use object-based actions and web actions.

I hope I managed to answer your questions!