Clarification regarding Workfusion license

I am new to Workfusion kindly provide information regarding :

1 . I am Using Workfusion Trial ( Version 2.0-beta ) after 30 days License will Expire, then all Workfusion functionalities will work ?

  1. After the license expired, can we integrate third party OCR to Workfusion like ( google ocr … etc ) ?

  2. In Workfusion FAQ’s blog it is mentioned as “No pay for production use”. I had created some bots for Internal purpose, now Workfusion tool displays a message as " License expire in 10 days " , after expiry will my bots work ?

Hi @abinaya_r

  1. Yes, all functionality of WorkFusion will work after the trial expires. You will only lose access to the Pro features like multiple bots (you can see more info here).

  2. No, you cannot use third-party OCR in the recorder (we use Abbyy OCR by default).

  3. Yes, your bots will continue working after the trial expires.

Thank you for valuable information.

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Hi Ashapkina ,

Thanks for your information & need more information regarding:-

  1. As you mentioned before i.e. after the Trial version expired ," all functionalities will work as
    before ".but now OCR not working in version 2.0.5 due to version change from ( 2.0.5 to
    2.0.6 ) clarification needed .

2.In Workfusion FAQ’s blog it is mentioned as “No pay for production use” (i.e.Free tool) , then why the message i.e. " Licence expiry in 10 days " displayed ?

Kindly reply as soon as possible


@abinaya_r In the free version, we provide OCR license that includes 1,000 free OCR pages and is valid for 2-3 months (depending on particular license). Once the license expires, you need to update to a newer version of RPA Express to use OCR.
The license for 2.0.5 expired on September 1, so you need to update to version 2.0.6 to be able to use OCR. You can read more details in the release notes:

You don’t need to pay to use the free version of RPA Express in production. The message about license expiry is only related to the Pro features (I provided a link in the previous post). All other features will still be available for free.

Hi Ashapkina ,
Thanks for your reply .
1.) I have a Query i.e one of my Colleague has installed Workfusion version 2.0.6 two days before ,but now there is a message i.e License expires in 13 days .In release notes it is mentioned that License will expire only on November 23 . Screenshot provided & Clarification required .

2.) After installing version 2.0.6 in workfusion there is version 2.0.3 displayed inside . Screenshot provided & clarification required.



The message in the tray menu is only related to the pro features, not OCR.

The studio component has not been updated in the latest release, so the version of the Studio is 2.0.3.
You can see the current version of RPA Express installed in Control Panel.

Thanks for your quick reply ,

Once v2.0.6 License expires in 13days then we have to Update for OCR ?

No, only the free trial of pro features expires in 13 days. The current OCR license will work till November 7.