Click action cannot run when minimize VM window

Currently, we are running RPA Express on a VM.

We use “Remote Desktop Connection” to connect to the VM. After clicking “Play recording” in RPA Express and minimize the Remote Desktop window, the project shows error and stop at Click action using image. If I keep “Remote Desktop” window showing, it can run without any issue. As such, I guess the reason is it does not have a screen to execute the action. Do you have any solution for this?



Thanks for a good catch!

Right now, the RPA Recorder needs an active screen to click by images or coordinates. But in future releases we will introduce Object recording feature which can potentially solve this problem.

Please vote for this feature to raise its priority!


Do you know if i can run a robot, but without showing windows in the screen?


please see the answer above


I am running RPA Express on a VM. I published and scheduled a project on Control Tower. When I use “Remote Desktop” to connect to the VM, it see that it can run as scheduled. However, if I do not remote to the VM, it fails to run. It can only run when I remote desktop to the VM or use virtual Desktop (Windows 10). Is it expected? From my view point, it does not make sense if it needs an active screen to run when it is already scheduled on Control Tower.

Appreciate your response.



please see the answers above

Hi @chau_nguyen

Are u deployed ur RPA Script inside the VM or your Local PC?

Does this mean multiple nodes of RPA express can’t be run on a hub?

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Hi @azinchuk , currently is this problem solved?

@ashapkina, how are you doing?

Is the feature that enables the scripts to be executed as scheduled on a virtual machine when the is no remote desktop connection session at the time being developed for the next release?

What are new features expected in the next version of RPA Express?

Hi, when are you planning to introduce the Object recording feature?
Thank you

@Eduardo_Pozzi_KPMG3 @annavarshavets1
We are planning to add object recording feature in Q2 2018, tentatively, in April.

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Hi @ashapkina,

Any update on above enhancement? Is it being included in next release of WF RPA Express?

It would be great addition to Automation. User can execute the BOT in VM and minimize the window and concentrate on other tasks in personal local system. This would save lot of time.


It will be added in one of the later releases, in May.

Thank you :slight_smile:

has this been implemented? i’m using 2.0.1, and am still unable to run unattended processes. thanks!

Some additional information. The bot script works correctly on Recorder. It runs correctly when I run from Control Tower on my server IF I have a Remote Desktop Connection established AND the RDC window is in the foreground on the connecting computer.

If I:

(1) minimize the window
(2) the connecting computer display switches to screen share
(3) the connecting computer display suspends display

The bot consistently fails.

Hi @ashapkina, @azinchuk

We are facing same issues on server as well. The mouse click (on image) does not work on additional BOT windows (RPABOT1, RPABOT2 & RPABOT3).

WF Version - 2.1.0


Hi @narendra_purTG what error does it show?
Did the same actions work in earlier versions?

Hi @ashapkina,

The click action itself does not work and goes into exception. This works fine only when we run recordings in single window. In additional VM windows this shall not work.