Click Mouse Error in list


There are 5 items in the list to turn.

It will work fine until the third time, but the fourth time the fifth time does not work with Click Mouse Error.

【use case】

12345 →Success
12333 →Success
45678 →Success
12358 →Failed (Click Mouse Error)
54687 →Failed (Click Mouse Error)

Is there a way to solve this error?


What error message do you get when the action fails? Please share the text here.

Hi, @sis do you still get this error? Please share the details here. Thank you.


Sorry about reply late.

I did not use Click Mouse and dealt with Key Strokes[SHIFT TUB].


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So you have solved this issue, right?

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@ashapkina can we use script for mouse click image??if so can you share any sample??

What do you, do you want to use a custom script for mouse click?

yes…i need sample custom script for mouse click.
for example i am opening a website “”.
In that i want to click “gmail” in the top right corner.

Why can’t you use a ready Mouse click action from the Actions Library?
Also, you can click on an XPath in this case - it is more reliable.

sometimes robot fails to recogonise the image…and xpath often not working if it is in for loop

Using a custom action for mouse click will have the same result.

Have you tried using click on Text?

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thanks for your support…i will try and let you know back

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