Click Mouse (image) not working

Hi Team,

I am trying to use Click Mouse using Image identification and it works fine on my desktop, but once I run it in a different computer it does not work anymore.

I am suspecting the screen resolution affects how the application processes the picture.

Any advice on how to fix this issue?

Hello @ialkhayari.

We recommend to use “Window control” option instead of “Image”. As you mentioned, screen resolution can affect images recognition. Object selectors that are used in “Window control” option are more stable. You can find more information in this guide:

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Hello @Lera

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately “Image” option is the only option we can use in our current task.

Is there a way we can figure what resolution the bot running on the background have so we can match images with that resolution ?

Hello @ialkhayari.
There is no such option. But you can try to re-capture your images from that computer that you run script and add Exception Handling to handle action with Image, for example, as below: