Click on Image across machines



In order to run the mouse click via image across machines I have reduced the threshold and the image area is also pretty small.
Some images are clicked whereas some do not get clicked irrespective of the fact that the resolution of the system is same.
This issue is faced when I run it via the recorder

Kindly advise


@Sohana_kamat - please post these images here


Hi, could you please tell us, is it required to do some scrolling actions before to reach real image ?


No scrolling needed.


I’m interested in this as well, since we faced the same issue. Moving projects between machines made the “click on image” function pretty much unusable, since it became unreliable. With some images, it worked, with others, it didn’t. Playing around with the threshold did not help either.

I would still prefer a better “click” function, allowing me to specify the click target through either an ID or an XPath expression, just like in Selenium.


@Nils_Winkler - we are actively developing the click by XPath feature and the Object recording which will solve the problems of the image-based approach.


@azinchuk Great, good to hear. Looking forward to these new features.