Click on image always crashes

Hello, @ashapkina

After few days of not being active, the studio (on my desktop and also on RDP) can’t perform any Click Mouse action (image)? Like something in the settings is changed … What to check in the preferences? Could the cause be some windows updates?

Here are the logs
rpa-hub-2018-09-03.0.log (7.6 KB)
rpa-node0-2018-09-03.0.log (79.6 KB)

Thank you!

According to the logs, the bot cannot find the images it has to click on. Perhaps, the view of the applications it has to click on has changed or there is no time to load the pages etc.?

Hi @bbulajic if you still have this issue, could you send your recording to try and test it?

Hi @ashapkina,
I’ve just copied the process as the new Untitled.rpae recording and bot was able to detect the images etc… This happens from time to time and I found the way via copping actions and rewrite variables into the new recording… This isn’t the best solution but it is the first that worked for me.

@bbulajic do you copy the actions to a new recording and recording and recapture the images? or do you use the images you already have and they start working?

I use the old images that are previously captured, and just copy into the corresponding folder of new recording

@bbulajic thank you. We’ll try to reproduce this.