Clipboard + citrix

Could any one confirm me whether Clipboard actions are allowed in CITRIX environment?

I have a process wich interacts with SAP wihtin a CITRIX environment. I need to read some text within SAP to identify a number in order to proceed with my loop. I tried to select the text, copy it ( using Ctrl+C) and save it in a variable. However, it nothing is copied with the clipboard actions.

Can any one please enlight me?

Hi @lisandro_pugVf do keystrokes work in Citrix (like, Ctrl+A), can you type there?
Also, which version of RPA Express are you using?

Hi Alesia,
I’ve investigated a little bit by myself. The access to clipboard is constrainted by our customer. Therefore, you cannot access externally (outside CITRIX) to the clipboard.
Within CITRIX you can Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V wiht out any problem manually.
However, if you want to Ctrl+C (always manually) within CITRIX and Ctrl+V in an application outside CITRIX (lets say for instance, the notepad) you won’t be able to paste anything.

Since I’ve installed RPA Express outside CITRIX environment, the “Clipboard” actions library are useless under this scenario.

I must remark that I’ve realized that this issue is not from RPA Express, but it rises from our customer’s policy on CITRIX.

Thanks anyway.

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Thanks for the information @lisandro_pugVf