Clipboard Error


Hi all,
I tried with clipboard but i am getting below error can anybody help me on this?

Sharad Kumar


It is not a clipboard error - it is an error while switching to Window


Hi @azinchuk,
Because of clipboard action fails it is showing switch window action error…I am pasting the clipboard value to search field but unfortunately i am not able to do if i will add keystroke after from clipboard like text from variable it will work fine…can you see my action flow whether it is correct or not?


Which text do you copy to clipboard?

If it contains special symbols like \ / " and others - it is a known issue which will be fixed in 1.1.8 release.


Hi @azinchuk,
i am trying to copy string value only from the excel but unfortunately not able to do.


what is the exact text of that string?


@sharad_kumar - please answer the question above


hi @azinchuk,
I am trying to copy string value from the excel but it shown that time error as you can see in image.
Sharad Kumar


Which exact value? Post here the text value of that excel cell.


Hi @azinchuk,
please find attached file below
tickers.xlsx (8.6 KB)


This issue with clipboard is fixed in 1.1.8 -


thanks @azinchuk