Closing up browser when process is runned via Control Tower


I tried to launch the process via control tower but at the specific moment (before the click mouse-click on image action) browser closes and then the process is run again (after the 11th time it stopped). I modified the action click on image several times but the result is always same. The thing is that when I launched this record from the studio I have no errors and manage to find and click on the particular image.

Here is the execution log
events_root_93f7e902-c85e-4cbb-b92a-ad5cdbdf8642_2018-08-28 09_12_45.xlsx (8.4 KB)

@ashapkina Maybe you know what is the cause?
Thank you

Hi @bbulajic could you please send your recording and the logs from C:\RPAExpress\RPA\logs?

Thank you.

Hi @ashapkina, thank you for helping me.

Here is the recording - one RPAE file
New WinRAR archive.rar (59.2 KB)

and here are the logs: rpa-hub-2018-08-28.0.log (52.3 KB)
rpa-node0-2018-08-28.0.log (1.7 MB)

According to the logs, the bot cannot find the image. Perhaps, it doesn’t have time to load or the image is not fully visible on the screen.

As you work in a browser, you can probably use XPaths instead of images - they are much more reliable and will work on different PCs.