Code generation error RPA express 1.1.6



I was trying to evaluate the generated code for my RPA task. I am facing the following error with the latest RPA express version 1.1.6:

The RPA task is wokring correctly when I start it from the recorder.



we need your zipped recording folder to be able to help you


Hi @stefan_yorda

Could you please share your zipped recording folder? It will be helpful for us in order to help you with your problem.

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I was out of office a couple of days. Here is the (894.0 KB)



Is there any clue why I can’t generate the code?


hi @stefan_yorda,

We will look into your recording and tell you the reason this week. BTW, does this recording run in RPA Recorder without errors? From Control Tower?


Yes it is working in RPA Recorder without any error. I haven’t tried it from Control Tower.


@stefan_yorda, we created a ticket for this issue, it should be fixed in 1.1.7 or 1.1.8


Thank you. Is there a workaround?


This problem is caused by an empty Table variable. You can populate it with some default value - even one item