Colour recognition on webpage


I am basically trying to click on a text only having a particular colour on web page. Is it possible to do in RPA Express?
Thanks in advance.


Please if anyone could provide a solution.


Hi @vaibhavi_modake,

please provide more details about what you want to do.

Do you need to click on a specific text, or any text of this colour on the webpage? Maybe, you could send the webpage for example.


Hi @ashapkina,
The bot should be able to recognize a specific colour text and then perform actions accordingly like clicking on it.I don’t have the exact webpage now but u can consider this example.

It should recognize text of only red colour. It will be a menu bar and bot should click on it and expand it.
Thanks in advance



For the example above, you can use the style attribute in the xpath //*[contains(@style,‘color:red’)]. However, it will not work if the styles are defined in the CSS style sheet.


Ok.Thanks a lot!
Ill revert if in case of doubt while doing it :slight_smile: