Combine two recorder scripts

Is it possible to combine two recorder scripts? I created a process in two different steps to avoid error. Now I want to combine them and play end to end Is it possible?

Thanks in advance!

@urvashi.singla - yes it is possible.

You just need to:

  1. publish both scripts to Control Tower

  1. As a result, 2 processes will be created

  1. In any of these 2 processes on the Design tab, add another one from the bot library on the right and connect the steps:

  1. Save your process and run it (Run tab > Run this Process)

Note: your process should have input data, by default this data will be taken from your Recorder variables:

Also make sure that your variables in these 2 process steps and input data use the same variable names.


I am able to publish recording in control tower but it is not running in control tower, business process is created
and some recording is running in recorder

can I know what I have to do so that it can be deploy on control tower?


I am also having same issue. First recording is getting completed but second one is not getting triggered. I have variables with same name and type in both the recording and included input data.

My variables are populated on run time. My input data is like below:

current_item pass servername userid_list type_mapping
[] “{”“current_item”":"“String”","“pass”":"“String”","“servername”":"“String”","“userid_list”":"“List”"}"
[] “{”“current_item”":"“String”","“pass”":"“String”","“servername”":"“String”","“userid_list”":"“List”"}"

current_item: I am getting this from an spreadsheet on run time and appending it to userid_list variable
Servername & pass: Here I am using Clipboard action to copy those from KeePass