Comparing address proof with the existing values stored in DB



Hi Team,

I wanted know can we do this requirement over web application using RPA Express.

1.Web application will be saved address details in the database initially.
2.On the same web application will upload the address proof say Aadhaar card scan copy.
3. Workfusion should read the address from Aadhaar card scan copy and have to compare the Aadhaar address with DB address and say whether it’s same or not.

This is a sample use case, like this we need to automate many other cases.before deciding on the tool, need to know will it be possible in RPA Express. Kindly help us on this.



Thanks for sharing your use case. All operations can be automated using PRA Express, except data base query. We are planning to add this action in future releases.

But you can use our SPA flagship product to fully automate your case. Please contact for more details about WorkFusion SPA.



Is this SPA flagship product is a free tool like RPA Express?



No, SPA is a commercial platform for enterprise digital transformation.