Comparing three columns on two excel spreadsheet



I have two spreadsheets that looks like the above, as a RDA power user I need to perform a recon and output the unmatched items from both image 2.
The rules are on image 2 you check the transaction ID and next to it its a column with the descriptions e.g load, deduct which tells you whether its a debit or credit, and also another column on the left side named transaction description also help to decide whether its a debit or credit.

You firstly need to check the transaction ID if its a debit or credit and then go to image 1 spread sheet to check whether that transaction is there if its a debit on image 1 spreadsheet it should be a credit then output the unmatched items with all the columns.

@ofentse.sacha I didn’t quite understand what the bot needs to do. It needs to get the ID from file 2, than check in this ID is present in column REFERENCE in the first file, correct? What does the bot need to do of it finds the ID in the column? Should it copy values from one file to the other?

Correct It needs to check if the ID is in the reference column but also need to check the double entry principle if the ID is load it means its a debit then on image 2 the reference should be there and the amount must be in credit column, after the bot need to output the unmatched references with all the columns from image 2 on a new spreadsheet.

@ofentse.sacha try using this solution to compare values in different files

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