Compose email - Verify its you

Hi @ashapkina
While login into Gmail, I’m getting stuck on this page (PFA Screenshot). How can I skip this step and directly login gmail account?

When you log in manually, can you do it successfully?

Yes manually I can as it requires mobile verification code.
But this is running in Bots

Do you need to type in the code when log in manually?

Then you need to switch off 2-step verification in your Google account.

Yes I select the code in my mobile which is displayed in gmail. Then authentication is succeeded.
Ok I will try switching of 2 step verification.

Hi @ashapkina
2-step verification is already off. Still facing the same issue

Do you log in in Gmail from WF Studio?
Try allowing less secure apps to access your account.

Yes through WF studio and and Control Tower too. Let me allow Less secure app and check, if working or not.

Hi @ashapkina
After Swtiching of 2 step verification and setting Less Secure Apps ON. Still getting verification from gmail.

Do you only get this message when you log in via a bot? The bot uses the same IP as when you log in yourself, so there shouldn’t be a difference.

Okay. I’m trying from office, let me try login from personal laptop, as Office might have some restrictions.

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Hi @ashapkina
I am trying from my personal laptop, where i can login Gmail account.
Still its asking for verification while running BP in Control Tower.
I guess it is using different IP address.

It also happens when you try to log in from WorkFusion Studio, correct?

@mverma do you still have this issue when logging in from Control Tower and WorkFusion Studio?