Condition between


I’m trying to run an RPA to charge an amount depending on the number of boxes.

Less than 700 boxes 20EUR
From 701 to 1000 boxes 50 Eur
More than 1000 75 EUR.

Is easy to do the first and the last one, but in the condition there are not an option between, how I can do that?

You need only 2 conditions in this case.

If neither of these 2 conditions is met, the number of boxes in greater than 700 but less than 100, so you need to put the actions to change the amount to 75 EUR in the second Else block.

thanks for your help

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Helo Ashapkina,

I try to apply this, but I get an error. In hte excel I try to put the cell as general or as number and doesn’t work

I also try to put the cell as string and then compare, but in this case it always apply as correct and type the text on the “then”


I don’t find how to solve this issue

I think I have a solution and is convert string to number. But this means that I have to convert element to string and then string to number as I can’t compare element with number directly as do not apply correctly?