Conditions on particular element of List



I am not able to apply condition (If-else) on a particular element of List.
if I want to apply a condition on ${list}[0] -> (list[0]) i.e: if-else condition, I am not able to do that.
it doesn’t allow me to manipulate a index or access a particular element of list so that I’ll b able to apply a condition.
it just gives the whole list to do that.
For example:
lets say —> list[1,2,3,4] #List variable

and I want to check that :

if(list[0] == 1): ----> IS it possible in RPA Express?


My understanding is that you have to use a loop for each element of the list and within the loop use an if-else condition to do your test


Hi, @jain_rohit_ghrc
Use filter in for Each loop to get needed value
then you can check it length, check if it contains smth (all in Text actions)

and create if-else condition based on that