Connect Control Tower to Monitor by Operations


With the bot running 24 hrs a day, is there a method to connect control tower to our Solar Winds monitoring solution? I have emails go out for programmatic issues but do not have a method to connect. Is there a specific log file, etc?


Hi John,
Do you want to use API calls to Solar Winds in BP, or do you need to monitor Control Tower performance using Solar Winds? Could you please describe the process in more detail.

Thank you,


Thanks Alesia. I need a method to feed Solar Winds 2 things API or other method is fine - what do you have available? Information needed for status of the bot:

  1. Is Bot Manager and Control Manager Running
  2. Job Schedule Execution - Are jobs failing? Any associated status codes? Bot Busy vs. Failure
  3. Does anything measure total execution time/availability? For example, bot running actively 22 of 24 hours

What is recommended or provided? We can follow with what you or others already have in place. Does version 1.1.9 change it? I know that was an upgrade to Control Tower. Does Version 2 change it?

Also, does this type of information come with SPA?


Hi John,
Yes, this feature comes with SPA.
In RPA Express, there is currently no option to feed this info to another system, you can only see it on the Platform Monitor in the browser.