Connecting RPA Express to IBM Personal Communications


I am trying to copy values from Excel to a 5250 session via IBM Personal Communications.

RPA Express manages to write characters in 5250 fields, but it does manage to pass on escape characters.
For ex. I manage to write Stefano in the field “name” but I do not manage to send a [Field+] string used to confirm the entry and move to the cursor to the NeXT field (in this case “surname”).


@sc_neumann_noJ - you are trying to type the [Field+] string using the Enter keystrokes action into the emulator, right?


Indeed I am


please send the recorder logs here


Where do I find them?



#7 (238.3 KB)


Here you go



Please also attach the logs from C:\RPAExpress\RPA\logs after this issue occurs.

Also can you use the Clipboard actions to accomplish this action? (the issue with special characters in clipboard was fixed in the latest 1.1.8 release)

#10 (650.3 KB)


Both log files does not contain errors. Are you sure these logs are created right after this error?


@sc_neumann_noJ, can you use the Clipboard actions to accomplish this action?


I haven’t tried yet, sorry.
You mentionded that you cannot find any erro in the logs.
When I try to send characters to IBM Personal Communications (PC), I do not any error back from PC, because strictly speaking, nothing is wrong.
I am sending an EOL character [Field +] which is read as a +. Both inputs are legal, they just trigger different behaviours.
[Field +] is the way I normally send an EOL character to PC from other Applications (ex. Excel)


In the logs, we see that you are sending the following string:



I do.
That string is normally read as an End Of Line character by IBM Personal Communications. I do not understand why it does not happen in this case.


Let’s try to test a workaround. If it works, we will implement it as a general solution.

  1. Create a new recording which opens your IBM Personal Communications, enters one field info, and sends the [field+] string.

  2. Export this recording as a Bot Task

  1. in the opened xml file, and search for the [field+] string:

  1. insert the following code before this found line:
  1. Copy all the code from this xml file

  2. Go to the Control Tower (localhost:15280/workfusion/secure/business-processes) and perform all actions described here (create bot from scratch) - Create a New Bot

  3. Paste the code copied on the step #5 into the bot task

  4. Save and Run your process.

Check the execution result - whether the [field+] works as you expect


@sc_neumann_noJ, were you able to test the instruction above?



any news?