Connecting RPA Express to IBM Personal Communications

I am trying to copy values from Excel to a 5250 session via IBM Personal Communications.

RPA Express manages to write characters in 5250 fields, but it does manage to pass on escape characters.
For ex. I manage to write Stefano in the field “name” but I do not manage to send a [Field+] string used to confirm the entry and move to the cursor to the NeXT field (in this case “surname”).

@sc_neumann_noJ - you are trying to type the [Field+] string using the Enter keystrokes action into the emulator, right?

Indeed I am

please send the recorder logs here

Where do I find them?

C:\Users%USERNAME%\workfusion-workspace.metadata (238.3 KB)

Here you go


Please also attach the logs from C:\RPAExpress\RPA\logs after this issue occurs.

Also can you use the Clipboard actions to accomplish this action? (the issue with special characters in clipboard was fixed in the latest 1.1.8 release) (650.3 KB)

Both log files does not contain errors. Are you sure these logs are created right after this error?

@sc_neumann_noJ, can you use the Clipboard actions to accomplish this action?

I haven’t tried yet, sorry.
You mentionded that you cannot find any erro in the logs.
When I try to send characters to IBM Personal Communications (PC), I do not any error back from PC, because strictly speaking, nothing is wrong.
I am sending an EOL character [Field +] which is read as a +. Both inputs are legal, they just trigger different behaviours.
[Field +] is the way I normally send an EOL character to PC from other Applications (ex. Excel)

In the logs, we see that you are sending the following string:


I do.
That string is normally read as an End Of Line character by IBM Personal Communications. I do not understand why it does not happen in this case.

Let’s try to test a workaround. If it works, we will implement it as a general solution.

  1. Create a new recording which opens your IBM Personal Communications, enters one field info, and sends the [field+] string.

  2. Export this recording as a Bot Task

  1. in the opened xml file, and search for the [field+] string:

  1. insert the following code before this found line:
  1. Copy all the code from this xml file

  2. Go to the Control Tower (localhost:15280/workfusion/secure/business-processes) and perform all actions described here (create bot from scratch) -

  3. Paste the code copied on the step #5 into the bot task

  4. Save and Run your process.

Check the execution result - whether the [field+] works as you expect

@sc_neumann_noJ, were you able to test the instruction above?


any news?