Connecting to My SQL Database

can you send me the link where i know how to established connection to my sql on forum topic .

There are links to topics about connecting to MySQL

Using Groovy script can i directly connect to my sql .
can you tell me what are the procedure or steps to connect to my sql db.

Hello …
I am try to connect my sql from workfusion using custom script (I directly put the custom script like below screen shot)

Is it correct or i need more settings on workfusion (Because this code is not running succesfully).
If i miss any thing or i left any setting please tell me ,its very important for me.

Thank you…

@Jitendriya you cannot do it in a Custom Action, but you can export your code as a bot task and use database plugin to connect to My SQL. Plugin documentation is available directly in WorkFusion Studio: Help - Help Contents - search for “database” - you will see a page with standard webharvest processors.

Hope it helps!

Ok i try it…

I try to export the code to bot task but it showing the error image

You need to delete the custom action from the code.

Ok .
After that in the xml file i need to write the code and directly run from here only .

Yes, you will need to run it from the Code perspective.

Hi @ashapkina Thank you for your suggestion .
I try to run the code but i found one error.

Can you tell me how i solve it or any thing wrong in my code once see .

Thank you…

Every one any one find the solution for above problem .
please tell me …

hey @ashapkina
Please tell me how i resolve the error its very important for me …

The plugin needs to be used outside of robotic-flow.

Its showing the error java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver , so i need to import the jar file .

Hi @ashapkina
Is there any way to display result (what ever the query return ) in console screen .

Yes, you need to add jar.

Check out these topics

You can print the variables using println

Thank you @ashapkina for your support.

I want to print the result in console it executed successfully but it is not printing any thing . below is my code.

Do you need to print the string above to the console?
I think you need to use

		println "Salary of ${emp.get("id")} is ${emp.get("name")}"

select id,name from testdb(above screen shot) this query return the id and name from the db ,so that id and name i want to print on console .