'Constant Value' option is not working with variables in 1.2.0

I am trying to fetch a value positioned at ‘item_index’ in a table named as data_table.

${data_table[${item_index}]} and ${data_table[item_index as Integer]} both are not working in the recent update of Workfusion version 1.2.0.

Adding pictures below for reference:-

Picture1: Capture1


Please suggest a solution asap.

HI Stuti,

Index can be used with lists, not tables.
If a variable is used as an index, it is put in the square brackets without the dollar sign and curly brackets, i.e. ${data_list[item_index]}.

You can read more about using indexes with lists in the knowledge base: https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Recorder+Variables#RecorderVariables-UsingIndexeswithLists

@ashapkina I have been using ${data_table[item_index as Integer]} to access a value in a table in version 1.1.8 and after upgrading to version 1.2.0, the same is not working. Please tell me how to access a value in a table using a variable as an index.

Yes, this workaround is no longer available in RPA Express. We will add a feature to use index with table in the future releases.

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Thanks, @ashapkina