Control Tower 1.2.0 Failing Randomly

After uploading my recording and then loading the variables using the input file, Control Tower fails but randomly. When I first attempted to execute, the job failed on an Expression action to set a Boolean variable, then on an index expression, etc. Usually at same step number. See attached. When I put a Wait action in front of the boolean action, it died on the Wait action.

This is occurring for all scripts in Control Tower.

Update - I have moved 3 scripts to another 1.2.0 Bot and all work when executing in Recorder, however, all 3 scripts fail when I load them to control tower. Have failed on the following action types - “Group”, “Wait”, ConstantValue, Expression…

Related to the 1.2.0 Data Input File - I tried running without loading data “empty file” and by loading a few of the “changeable” variables. No difference. If I dont change the script it still fails in Control Tower in the same spot/same error

I had a look at your code and notice that you are using the variable “item” in the For loop. That temporary variable name is not supported in 1.2.0 You should change to using “element” or something similar.

See here:

That will sort it!

Fixed that… already. Still fails.

Upgraded to 1.3.0 - now running successfully.