Control tower and buisness process


i am working on control tower in RPA version 1.1.0 but it run for 1 0r 2 minute process hardly.i have the 5 minuit process and i want to run that process through Business process i tried but not shown the proper excution of want the clarification on buiness process how to run it for long workflow.



can you please share your recording for investigations?


how do i share


i cant able to send please tell me how should i attach the recording?


you can zip the entire folder with the recording from Workspace and attach to a post or put on a cloud drive (Google, Dropbox, etc.) and share the link with us on the forum.

#6 (346.4 KB)


please check.


thank you, we will investigate your case and provide some suggestions.


Ok, so

  1. Our latest version is 1.1.5 It has a lot of improvements and we suggest to use latest version
  2. Does BP fails in Control Tower?


yes, BP Fails thats why control tower not working properly.its runing for 1 min only.


what error?