Control Tower and running different Business Processes with different Bots


We have five bots and five different business processes that we would like to run at the same time. How can we have different business processes running on different bots? Either at the same time or by selecting which bot is used for each business process.



Hi Shouzam,

You can apply the parallel execution ,
There are multiple process you can run the same time multiple BP.
1: Write the MT_wait.xml it will decide the parallel execution.
2: Split the condition and run
Vaun Kumar

Basically, if you have all processes running at the same time, Control Tower will distribute the tasks as per resource availability, considering all bot units are configured as shared in the fleet attribute. So you may have one process running in each machine, but this will depend on the way your processes are designed (transactional vs linear). If you do want to make sure that process A runs always in machine A, and so on and so forth, you should change the Fleet option from Shared to an unique name that you will have to set up in your robotics-flow section of your bot config. See this KB article.

What WF documentation says:

Control Tower sends bot tasks to RabbitMQ where they are distributed to queues.

In case of the <robotics_flow> plugin, the tasks are submitted to RPA Queues according to their fleet attribute. For example, you can route SAP RPA bot tasks to SAP RPA Queue by defining SAP as fleet attribute. If no fleet attribute is provided, a task is sent to Shared RPA Queue. Tasks with no <robotics-flow> plugin are assigned to Common Queue to be transferred to the related server for execution.

Depending on their fleet attributes, the tasks are distributed further to corresponding Bot Units .

Control Tower sends bot tasks to RabbitMQ where they are distributed to queues.