Control Tower Bot deletes everything it has done after a new run



So I run a BP on Control Tower. It works perfectly fine. Basically it copies stuff from the web onto an excel sheet.

The problem is, when I try to run an other BP after executing the first one. For some reason it takes a lot of time to connect to the bot. And the bot seems to delete everything it has done on the previous BP. All the stuff it copied from the web onto the excel sheet has been deleted and it also wants to close all the windows it was using.

I’m not sure how to correct this.



you need to use the Save Spreadsheet action -

Or use the Save file after last action option in the Open Spreadsheet action -

The applications opened using Launch Application and Open Website will be closed after robot finishes execution.

Other apps can remain opened - use the Preferences > Close windows after script completion -


I am not using Launch Application but the Window option. Basically it writes the data into notepad before, which is already opened on my desktop.

Everything works fine on recorder the problem is when I export a bot script and then copy and paste the script into a bot task on Control tower. The first BP works perfectly fine, but the second one needs to close all the application used on the first BP (Notepad etc…) before it can run.